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This website is an information resource on how to choose the right equipment used for hiking and gear for the perfect hiking vacations, camping or backpacking trip.

Hiking and the best nursing tanks hand in hand. The hiking gear you choose will determine the enjoyment of your best fillet knife for saltwater fish, backpacking or best mulching blades.

I’ll show you what you need for hiking, and gear is what it’s all about. There are also techniques for hiking, information on finding trails, places to get maps online.

I’ll show you the few websites I purchase all of my hiking, backpacking and camping gear. Also you’ll find information on planning hiking vacations. You’ll see the most popular hiking destinations to take your family or if you’re up to it go on an extreme adventure.

The links below provide a wealth of information on the essential equipment used for hiking and gear for camping and backpacking. Including hiking boot reviews, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, hiking staffs, hiking shoes and hiking socks.

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Hiking Backpacks Guide – How to Choose the Right Hiking Backpack for You.
Modern hiking backpacks are designed to offer comfort, balance, versatility and load-carrying proficiency. But you have to follow these steps to choose the right hiking backpack that fits your needs.

Hiking Boots Guide – How to Choose the Right Outdoor Footwear
Hiking boots is a critical factor to the enjoyment of your hiking trips. Here I show you the 3 types of Hiking Boots and how to decide which one is right for you.

Hiking Shoes – Are Hiking Shoes and Lightweight Boots Right for Your Next Hike?
Hiking shoes and lightweight hikers offer the ultimate in comfort and breathanbility. However, you will give up stability, water protection and cold protection.

Camping Tents Guide – How to Choose the Right Camping Tent
Their are several types of camping tents available. And if you’re going to be sleeping outdoors you have to know how to choose the right one for you.

Sleeping Bag Guide – How to Choose Sleeping Bags
Provides advice on choosing sleeping bags. Different factors to consider are shape, shell material, temperature ratings and insulation fill.

Hiking Clothes Guide – How to Choose Hiking Clothes
The hiking clothes you choose depends on the days weather and temperature. Knowing how to layer your pants and shirts is the key to keeping you dry and comfortable.

Walking Sticks Guide – How to Choose Walking Sticks
There are 3 different types of walking sticks to choose from. The type that’s right for you depends on the type of terrain you hike and your personal preferences.

Essential Equipment Used For Hiking , Backpacking and Camping
When packing your equipment used for hiking there are essential items you must bring to prevent and survive emergency situations. The original 10 Essentials has been updated for modern use.

Hiking Vacations Guide – How to Plan Hiking Vacations
Organized hiking vacations are a great way to plan a trip without having to plan every detail on your own. I’ll show you how to choose a hiking vacation that will leave you with a rewarding experience

Planning Camping Trips. How to Plan Perfect Camping Trips.
Planning perfect camping trips will assure you have a great time on your next outing. This checklist will help you plan a great trip wether you plan on hiking, backpacking or car camping.

Mountain Hiking Guides and Gear
Going mountain hiking can be one of your most rewarding backpacking experiences. Make sure you bring along the right gear and excursion guides.

Easy Camping Recipes. Plan the perfect meal for your next camping trip.
This collection of delicous camping recipes offers an alternative to the bland and expensive freeze-dried camping foods.

Tent Camping Checklist. The Camping Gear You Can’t Leave Home Without.
A list of everything you will need for tent camping. Print this checklist out and have it handy when buying camping gear.

Hiking Trails Guides
Hiking trails guides provide complete trail descriptions with maps and photos, hikes rated by skill levels, elevation gains, estimated hiking times and best seasons to go

Campground Guides
List of popular camping destinations, with campground guides and information to get you started to planning a great camping trip.

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Fun Kid Sleeping Bags
Fun kid sleeping bags. These kids sleeping bags are great for a slumber party with friends, overnight with grandma or a night out under the stars.

Child Sleeping Bags Featuring Cartoon Characters
A selection of child sleeping bags featuring your kids favorite cartoon characters.

Camping Chairs – Camp in Comfort with a Good Camping Chair
With a great variety of Camping Chairs available in the market today, it helps to know however much you can about what to seek.

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