JanSport Backpacks

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It is not very easy to cater to the whims and fancies of the Generation-X teenagers. These backpacks with their vibrant colors, new features and styles have already taken the first step towards accomplishing this uphill task. The street-smart designs and styles of these best fillet knife for saltwater fish enough to set all hearts on fire including that of the teens.

While the JanSport ‘Classic’ is a simple backpack that will never go out of fashion and style, the ‘Lifestyle’ is a sturdy pack that will stand by you in thick and thin. If you are tech-savvy, then select the JanSport Backpack ‘Cyber’ that is just right for you!

You can easily choose the one you want from the wide selection of JanSport Backpacks at Backcountrystore.com.

Select the JanSport Euphonic with a new built in LiveWire technology or the Polaris 33, or the multi-purpose Street Tech packs; the choice is yours. The Euphonic comprises a retractable set of ear buds that can easily plug into any portable music device, such as MP3, tape or CD player.

For the campus folks or hikers, the JanSport Equinox is the best. It transitions well from the trails to the streets and is large enough to hold a full day’s worth of gear.

Then, there is the multipurpose crossover JanSport Half Pint Women’s Backpack that can be converted into a purse or a first pack for your little ones or even into a trail/climb/ski backpack.

The hydration packs of JanSport Backpacks are ideal for all kinds of adventures. The Tribe 3L offers a full spectrum of nice touches making this pack a great choice for a midsummer day hike.

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